RE: Dalandi AbdulRahman, Unbreakable Relationship


By Engr. Abdulraheem Kehinde

I’ve just read the wishy-washy rejoinder to my previous piece where I described the Kwara Assembly Speaker as a mere campaign organiser and that his recent actions suggest that the Assembly is just an agency under the executive arm. Reading through the trash made me remember a character in one of the old Indian movies, “Shali-shali”

Well, like DaShanne Stokes posited “When you are dealing with frauds and liars, listen more to what they don’t say than what they do.” What the Speaker and his minions are doing now can be likened to such. The young man is cashing out big time under the guise of halting the #KwaraNorth2023 agenda that has left his boss, AA rattled. They had better realised that the Kwara North Agenda goes beyond distributing N10,000 or N20,000 to people to convince them to support Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s second term bid.

So is it suitable to call the master-servant relationship between the Governor and the Speaker a “progressive bonds”? Well, I didn’t expect anything less from the Danladi led Assembly that has to its credit just a bill initiated and passed by it, other bills passed by the Assembly were either Executive bills or amended ones.

In their own assessment, the present government is fighting corruption, yet the same government that controls the legislature has, for almost three years, refused to pass and sign the FOI Bill into law. The government has also suspended the much touted Social Audit Bill and has failed to prosecute its officials fingered in corruption scandals.

It is only people whose conscience is dead that will commend this Government Greek gift called 30,000 minimum wage. The full Implementation of minimum wage assurance only to be actualised in an election year even when the immediate past government you alleged was among the first five state governments that implemented the former N18,000 minimum wage in 2011. To put the record straight, under the immediate past administration, no employee in local government, SUBEB, Civil Service, Teaching Service and Agencies that was on level 01 was receiving less than N18,000.

In fact, a Level 7 officer saw an increment of N12,000 in his or her salary after the implementation of the N18,000 minimum wage in 2011. This is a challenge before this government having assured Kwara workers of the implementation of the consequential adjustment. We wait to read details of the agreement reached by both the organized labour and the State Government on the implementation of the consequential adjustment.

Waiting to see a Level 7 officer that is earning N30,000 today to receive N42,000 after the implementation of the government consequential adjustment. If it does, then, it is just a copy of the controversial Governor Ahmed consequential adjustment implementation but it may even be worse if this government consequential adjustment is below the increment the immediate past Administration did. The records are available in Government house or you can ask Prof Adamaraja who is in SUBEB today to debunk this to challenge my figures.

Quite frankly, the repeal of the bogus pension law is commendable, notwithstanding that this administration didn’t do it as expected. The Assembly only exempted any former Governor or deputy Governor that gets Political appointment after his office. This arrangement only shoots your government who loves to fight corruption in voicemail.

Ironically, a Government that claims it is fighting corruption recently dashed each Assembly Member N10m in the name of community project, did same in 2020 budget, another name for constituency project. Isn’t that a surreptitious way of influencing the legislature to do your bidding? And by the way, who will carry out oversight function on the community projects the lawmakers are to execute? We even have a docile Assembly under Dalandi that has never embarked on any oversight function.

Finally, the immediate past Administration paid gratuities like this administration is paying. Liars, you said you are paying N100m monthly but available records in the Commission show that this Government had also paid N30m, N40m, N50m in separate months to settle local government retirees’ gratuities. Go further to ask, you will be told that the immediate past administration equally paid as much as N150m as gratuities monthly at a point when the allocation was relatively better.

Just keep preparing to leave by 2023, because before May this year, you will see that this government will lose focus. Before then, the handwriting on the wall would have shown that next person will resume in May 29, 2023.

Engr. Abdulraheem Kehinde, Ilorin East

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Kabir Olanrewaju Ishowo is a Kwara-Born, a community developer, An Online Media Practioner and the CEO/Publisher of Gistmeblog247.

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