OPINION: The Search for Gov AbdulRahman Replacement Should Begin


By Engr Kehinde Abdulraheem

It is insulting each time I read or listen to people advancing that Bukola Saraki’s leadership is too central in nature. Let me advise those small media rodents who were at their single digit age when Bukola Saraki was the Executive Governor of Kwara State to ask from their elderly ones whom at least have passed out secondary school or better still already in their higher institutions of learning. I believe they will be told how Commissioners, SSAs and SAs were dutiful, administratively engaged and designed policies and programs for the government. It was very better, least to say.

Unlike today that Governor AbdulRahman has collapsed virtually all the functions of his Commissioners, SSAs and SAs to mere salary alert every month. Today, governance is viewed to be a mere Daddy – Son relationship and or Daddy – Daughter affair. No serious administrative assignment, no meaningful policies and programs in place. What you always see is “we will do this and we are about to do that” barely 3years on the seat.

Any interested party should try to verify the veracity of my claim by conducting his or her investigation to the Ministry of Energy and ask since when is just a memo has been passed to Govenror’s table through that Ministry?

I raised it other time that Asphalt was laid directly on bare laterite surface as a coercive measure on pot holes at Ilorin Stadium Complex. Though the KWARMA Chairman denied it despite he wasn’t in town when the sordid job was done.

Interestingly, he (Hon. Kale Oloje) didn’t wait for the sunrise in the following day before he got to the Stadium to confirm my professional observation. Unknowingly to him that I was 100 meters away watching him. It is quite unfortunate that the KWARMA GM issued a press release under duress to validate the Chairman’s stance. Conspiracy of highest order, they say.

Let me tell you again that this same administration painted the fence of the Stadium Complex without plastering and any interested Kwaran can go inside the Stadium and confirm what I raised here and he or she should tell his or her own story after visiting the place.

The earlier we understand the lack of preparedness of this administration, the easier we discover the urgent need to bring on board more focused and goal getter to the Ahmadu Bello Way.

A government which a whole Speaker of House of Assembly has reduced himself to a mere campaign organizer to the Governor’s already defeated second term. His leadership in the house looks like a substantive DG of an agency under the Executive. His case worse than being called a rubber stamp legislature but rather fits to be an extension of Government house boys’ quarter.

It is a shameful for a so called performing Governor on their own lens that can’t guarantee common cleanness of our environment. I’m from heart of Gambari and each time I see how dirty my environment is, I do wish l can pay all the remaining Salaries and Allowances of Mallam Abdulrazaq AbdulRahman to leave the Ahmadu Bello way for a serious, competent, transparent and result oriented person as our Govenror.

Let start searching for the man who will take over from this short-sighted Govenror and give us a Kwara of our dream.

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Kabir Olanrewaju Ishowo is a Kwara-Born, a community developer, An Online Media Practioner and the CEO/Publisher of Gistmeblog247.

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