OPINION: Two Years Down The Lane, Way Forward For Kwarans, By David Titilayo

APC in Kwara state has become like the inclining pinnacle of Pisa. A design show-stopper which should mirror the magnificence of God yet wound up turning into a structure of joke and chuckling notwithstanding many years of endeavors to correct the harm and the best of specialists attempting pointlessly to save it from its sluggish destruction.

The illustration from the pinnacle of Pisa is that aims whether or not respectable isn’t enough to build skyscrapers.

Engineers have identified that the root cause of this architectural failure was the weak and unstable subsoil that couldn’t support it’s weight.

Centuries after, the lesson from the tower of Pisa is still relevant and playing out in Kwara APC; a formation of hatred, bitterness and envy who thought they could build forgetting that the foundation of a building is what determines how high the building will be.

An unholy alliance has now made our state of harmony a subject of ridicule in national dailies by supposed leaders of the ruling party.

Kwarans don’t get to hear about what our elected government is doing administratively but what we’re forced to know how campaign funds were siphoned 2 years after being in office.

Now that it has become as clear as daylight that this government has nothing to offer and there’s no Saraki to blame for their failures since their opposition is within themselves.

What is the way forward for Kwarans?.

We must retrace our steps, learn from our mistakes, do not outsource our thinking to opinion leaders on radio who misled us with propaganda and evaluate our options carefully.

The onus also falls on the leader of the major opposition party Bukola Saraki to ensure that Kwarans get a formidable alternative to the otoge crusaders whose house has fallen.

A lesson I learnt in 2019 is that even as we seek to reward loyalty, we must not downplay the significance of competence.

Kwara state needs someone who has a proven track record of competence, represents political inclusivity and shares in the pains and joys of the people.

I’m sure that the last 2 years have taught ABS that even though loyalty is the most valuable currency in politics, you can’t fully assess the loyalty of a man until you’re down.

Many men of questionable character deserted the dynasty when they thought the ship was sinking unknowing to them that ships are built to withstand storms.

Personally, only one man from the Saraki dynasty has distinguished himself and that is Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim.

A loyal party man, an achiever by all standards and a grassroot politician with an appealing personality.

When people say his successor has failed, I tend to hold no grudges against him but rather feel pity for him knowing fully well that he stepped into a shoe too big for him to wear and slipping was inevitable.

Kwara state needs a leader who can once again steady the ship, a refined man of value who understands the peculiarity of the state and knows how to get the job done, I believe Senator Rafiu Ibrahim personifies that character.

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