OPINION: PDP National Convention: How Was Bukola Saraki Able To Do It?, By Babatunde Akogun

The PDP National convention was held on Saturday at Eagles Square, Abuja. It was bubbling with crowds, full to the brim with all spheres of Nigeria present.

With that much crowd and varieties of activities, the only thing that kept popping on my mind while moving around to observe the different stands occupied by supporters of numerous politicians was “how did Saraki do it?”. For a party that was rocked with crises and troubles to be so settled, collected, and focused, it is more than remarkable. As the Chairman of the reconciliation committee, it’s difficult to overlook, ignore or act like nothing happened.

What did Bukola Saraki say to these people, what did he give them? Was it all about Nigeria, for a man dubbed as a “smart man”, how did they get to trust him that everyone brought down arms and held a collective vision for the party’s progress?

It appears politics is not the only thing the man knows, these skills, conflict resolution skills are beyond politics, I want to believe Saraki offered all his sincerity to the aggrieved members and got their love in return.

The convention is over, we have seen how ready the opposition party is, how ambitious they are and their passion to reposition the party in the country. How Saraki noted on Arise TV that it was not about an individual ambition but the aspirations of the party.

Half of politics is suspicion, the other half is confirmation. We are curious to see what will unfold in coming days, days that will be all about politics and individual ambitions in the party, whether their peace was forged in confidence or it will be redefined as peace forged in an individual’s victory.

I don’t know if there are books written to house the chronicles of Dr. Bukola Saraki, someone has to do it, such talent must not go and depart this century without leaving his story behind. He will be a great reference in the coming century, either as a Governor or Senate President.

For someone that lost everything to be this collected, meticulous, and excellent, he has come out better from his loss in 2019, full of lessons and tactics, bringing the youths closer to him, closing the generational gap and deficit in leadership, it’s admirable.

If you feel these questions are not important, recall that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was given the same assignment in APC and our friends, neighbouring states far and beyond know what came out of that, what became of that assignment. Bukola Saraki went to 35 states and only Lagos appeared not to fall in place totally which with all optimism will be resolved soon. These questions are necessary, just how was he able to do it?

An assignment many before him have failed, at a time Nigeria is politically tensed than ever? This moment in history is very important, admirable, notable, applaudable, it’s beyond description.

Babatunde Akogun writes from Ilorin

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