2023: Igbo president or nothing, Ohaneze youths insist

The National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka has insisted that Igbos must produce the next president of Nigeria.

He said this will help Nigeria to gain unity among it’s various ethnic groups than ever and also overcome the raging problems.

Igboayaka, who spoke in an interview with Daily Post, said: Nigeria president of Igbo extraction is a favour to all Nigerians, not even to Ndigbo. In fact, the deliverance of Nigeria from the shackles of bad leadership is the coming of an Igbo person in 2023 to govern Nigeria. An Igbo person is the only true Nigerian, that’s why they settle and have properties all over Nigeria. Let me tell you, the Fulani political oligarchy made a terrible mistake, they could have enjoyed why God miraculously made Ndigbo to be part of Nigeria. If they fail to realize this favor in 2023, they wouldn’t have it again. By the end of 2022, there will be a sign if Ndigbo will be part of Nigeria again or they will have their own separate country.”

He also lamented that Igbo people has been morginalised for a long time in the country.

“Marginalisation of Ndigbo didn’t start with the recent or present administration, but it started from 1970 when none of the 3rs of Gen. Gowon was implemented in any part of Igbo land. Ndigbo have faced marginalization since 51 years (1970-2021)”

On the leadership in the Southeast, he said “There are no leaders in the Southeast. What we have here are rulers and emperors, political maradonas who dribble the masses with empty unimplemented promises. Leadership requires intelligence and wisdom, but we have a parochial set of political profiteers in the Southeast and instead of solving problems, they are creating more problems for Ndigbo. Look at what Southeast has turned to within a space of five months. Insecurity has become one of the characteristics and symbols of governance in the Southeast. Gov. Umahi who is the Southeast Governors Forum lacks the capacity and political-will to provide security for only five states, yet he wants to be a president of 36 states in 2023. This can only happen in a Jungle Republic, not even in Zoo Republic, because in the zoo, there’s absolute orderliness. It’s funny that Gov. Umahi couldn’t protect the lives and property of Ebonyians and sitting on the pool of blood of his people. Ebonyi that’s not more than seven million people, yet insecurity is the order of the day and Gov. Umahi wants to govern Nigeria with over two hundred million people.

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