[Op-Ed] Send down the rain, by: Yusuf Mubaraq Authority

Bear in mind, no one can actually be wrong here in Kwara, especially when you are within your circle.

It’s morally wrong to justify the obvious for the sole reason of solidarity. Unfortunately, We are in a battle with ourselves but sadly the battle is not for ourselves.

We are quick to make references to the past. It’s a nice cliche in democracy world wide.
It’s done, to strengthen democracy and uphold human dignity, but here, it’s to settle scores and pitched perceived political opponents to the dustbin. We can do better.

In the absence of sincerity, there can never be meaningful development both in human and in capital. It’s a vital ingredient of democracy that’s alien to our own brand of democracy.

World all over, Democracy is blended with locale customs and tradition. Even the advanced democracies in the world. Talk of US and the rest.
Modelling our own democracy after any of the advanced world is a breach of our custom and tradition.
Not until we start to reason like African in Africa, we will for a very long time remain alien to our ways and dynamism of the system of government we much coveted.

You are quick to remind us there’s freedom of speech but you won’t tell us the condition attached. To every
enjoyment there’s always a clause. Our brand of democracy shouldn’t plunge us into chaos and state of lawlessness without proper checkmating.

Our polity is highly polarized. No conscience. No feelings.
I hope and pray, a new dawn and a breath of fresh air will be ENOUGH to sanitize our space and rid us of politics of hate and campaign of calumnies.
My sermon is a double edge sword. I hope each camp pick something worthy and do away with politics this time.

While I frowned at illegal detention of innocent citizens without due diligence I equally stood against every agent of destabilization.

Conclusively, Don’t do to others, what you will be offended if done to you. It’s a shared act of hypocrisy.
May God help us the truth to know and follow.

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