Gov Abdulrazaq Lacks Moral Integrity to engage in any Reconcilliaton Work — KAIV

Divisive Character like Abdulrazaq Lacks Moral Integrity to engage in any Reconcilliaton Work, TheAppointment is only a Payback for Abdulrazaq who’s known for Bribing every Tom and Jerry at Nat’l Secretariat – KAIV

The Kwara APC Integrity Vanguard, KAIV has reacted to the appointment of Kwara Governor, Mallam Abdulraham Abdulrazaq as a member of Reconcilation team mandated by Buni led national caretaker Committee to oversee Reconcilation processes in Anambra chapter of APC describing the appointment as a deliberate mockery on the integrity of the party.

Speaking to Journalists in Ilorin , the group Coordinator , Alhaji Idris Onimasa , stated that- apart from the fact that Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq is a divisionist per excellence who thrives in an atmosphere of chaos, his timid personality coupled with his too low education will be too inferior to bring anything to table during the reconciliatory process in Anambra state.

Onimasa added that for APC leadership to leave behind intellectually sound, peace loving Governors within it’s fold to chose a character like Abdulrazaq who is leading a ruling party that has become object of ridicule in Kwara due to his well known devisionist tendency of the Governor suggest that the national Leadership of APC has become so insensitive

“The action of the Buni-led National leadership is “strange to all logical sense of reasoning” also portraying our party as that which is not serious . Where on “earth can you make a blind man to captain a football team or paddle a canoe ? Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq from all indication lacks moral integrity to participate in, or engage in any Reconciliatory work for our party”

Although, Abdulrazaq is now the only Governor who dolls out hundreds of Millions Kwara taxpayers money to service the people in Abuja , infact, for quite a while , Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq has spent close to two billion naira bribing officials at the national secretariat to oust the the legally constituited party’s structure and also ensure his wishes upon the party in Kwara is usually upheld , this Reconciliatory appointment is another way to pay back for the lavish spender who is ready to sell the entire state to strengthen his Political profile.

As a group, we make bold to say that all the crisis rocking Kwara APC are engineered by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq in order to make looting of state patrimony smooth for him and his family members who have set everything in motion for him to establish Abdulrazaq dynasty in the state .

For the record , this is a Governor who’s notoriously known for promoting division, discords and disunity in Kwara APC , a man who has completely de-robbed our party here in Kwara of it’s honor and used public resources to spite those who brought him to power cannot be useful in Reconcilation work ”

” Infact , for the party to think of such character to be part of it’s Reconciliatory team in Anambra state suggests that the Party’s Leadership is insensitive and not result oriented ” – Alhaji Onimasa added


Alhaji Idris Onimasa,
Kwara APC Integrity Vanguards (KAIV)

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