Campaign fund: Kwara Lawmakers have become Political Servitudes, Lost Credibility, Courage required to Enact Laws for Kwarans – KAI

… Enjoins citizens to consider Recall Processes

The Kwara Advancement Initiatives is displeased to watch the unfortunate low ebb the institution of Kwara state House of Assembly is receding under this set of 9th Assembly lawbreakers who called themselves lawmakers . When we watched them making press release few days back to denounce the claims of Honorable Minister of Information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who alleged that their elections in 2019 was sponsored by fund he personally sourced for, we held them in high esteem trusting so well that it was not possible for people of their status to say things that are unfounded.

Everywhere in the world , Legislators as the promoters and defenders of the Constitution and the laws of the land must seek to be beyond reproach. They must have very high standards of personal integrity and conduct themselves in a disciplined and ethical manner at all times, these attributes is at least required to be able to discharge the three fundamental responsibility of Representation, Legislation and Oversight .

But on getting details information released by the APC financial secretary who poured out overwhelming evidences that indicted each members of Kwara Assembly of recieving fund transfer from party to there banks account , we concluded that this is not the Assembly outlook our forefathers who fought assiduously to entrench a Democractic society envisaged for us as a state .

The lawmakers have openly expressed their loyalties and allegiances to the state Governor , Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq who at regular intervals credit their bank accounts instead of the state and it’s people .

The Governor has shred them of any iota of honor and is now using the Assembly to massage his political ambition ahead of 2023. It is no more strange to see All Assembly members now rise to issue press release in defence of Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq even in cases that has nothing to do with the Assembly .

In many instances, these people have compromised the integrity of the house many times to satisfy the dishonest and undemocratic desires of the Governor. As a group , we encourage them to resign their offices and become full appointees of the Government to be able to discharge their duties unhindered.

Kwarans will recall that when Abdulrazaq realized he could no suspend the elected council Chairmen at the wake of his Administration, it was the house of Assembly that he sought to help him carry out the hatchet Job .

It was same with the members of the board of some agencies who enjoy statutory tenure but the Assembly in carrying out Governors directive sacked them, a decision that has been set aside by courts .

Also , we recall the issue of N35Billion bond , the Governor did not even send details of what to do with the bond to the house but the house without even knowing what the documents contained went ahead and gave it Legislative approval . We also have it on good record, the multiple insertions in the budget secretly done by this government including that of kangaroo public hearing conducted within two hours in order to pass needed laws to access world bank Sifiax grants.

It is important to state that 80% of those parading themselves as Kwara lawmakers do not have any academic certificates, some of them are seating on forged academic credentials which was used to escape being disqualified . Such house members are not fit to continue holding such exalted offices in our state, in our own advice , it is good if they sumkon courage and excuse themselves or risk recall process from their individual constituency.

Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq did not limit his rascality to the legislative arms , the illegally constituited local government structures are now acting as an attacking dogs of the Government, since the Government lacks human resources who can stand for her in troubled times , the TIC members recruited by the Governor to help him loot local government have now named themselves ALGON and are using the body as an extension of Abdulrazaq’s media recruits who help the Governor respond to all critics .

For long time ago, Governance and political decency have taken flight in Kwara .


Hajia Adeola Bashiru,

Head Democratic Mobilization and Monitoring Desk,

Kwara Advancement Initiative.

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