Re: Kwara APC urges NWC to extent membership registration – A lie, By: Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Bello (Làbẹ́làbẹ́)

The GAA faction of APC is into another scandalous inversion of the truth about the current development in the party, with regards to membership registration/revalidation exercise in Kwara State.

Early this week, it would be recalled that the factional Chairman of AA group, Mall. Abdullahi Sanmari had boasted in the media that they were only waiting for congresses, not a rerun of registration/revalidation exercise in this State.

His statement was patently in contradiction of the irreversible decision of the APC National Caretaker Committee that no congresses shall hold in Kwara until the teeming majority of loyal party members were duly registered or got their membership revalidated.

It was to the public knowledge that the APC Appeal Committee, that received the genuine complaints of marginalisation by the Hon. Bashir Ọmọlaja Bolarinwa group, had recommended a rerun of the exercise to avoid the eminent “painless killing” of the party in Kwara State.

Not taking chances, the loyal party members’ tactical Committee met with the National Caretaker Chairman, Gov. Mai Mala Buni where the decision to reopen the registration/ revalidation exercise was obtained.

However, having been “properly guided”, the AA group was trying to be clever by half by attempting to change the narrative to the dubious “one week extension” to accommodate some dregs of fictitious political parties in the state, as if it was at their instance.

On realising the truth of the matter, decency and moral uprightness would have dictated to Mall. Abdullahi Sanmari to tender public apologies for spreading false and misleading information, capable of causing confusion in the polity.

What do these people think they are doing? What do they stand to gain from these dirty deals in lies and treachery? Could this be the O To Gee conceptual definition of politics and politicking desired by Kwarans? Certainly NO!

It is high time they realized that Kwarans are getting wiser by the day. The magic wand of “politricking” that plucked the “ticket” in 2019, has lost its potency and sting for victory. Only the TRUTH and good conscience, shall set you free.

© Kwara APC Integrity Group, Media Office, Ilorin. Sunday, June 20, 2021

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