[Op-Ed] 2 Years of Deceit and Administrative Recklessness, By AbdulRahman AbdulMalik

Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

By AbdulRahman AbdulMalik

The majority of people (electorates) in the state of harmony decided their fate on the journey of four years through ballot in 2019. Happenstances and the comical scenarios the state have been witnessing in the meantime have brought about mix reactions: while the very few who are milking from the state coffers are seen praise-singing in support of the new government, the majority of the people whose expectations on socio-economic and political development from the government have been dashed are now seen spreading a new slogan in yoruba: ‘gba lowo e, ko mon lo. Which literarily means: ‘take it from him, he doesn’t know how to manage it’. The theatrical occurrences have messed up the system more than enough. The current leadership of the state have subjected us to ridicules that are alien to our senses.

– No surprise is served, to many of us who know the qualities of hands that are running the system. “You can’t build something on nothing after all”. Many of those who have found themselves in position of authority today, do not understand governance is a serious business which is beyond holding a microphone, rolling out campaign of calumny, insulting past administration and tomfool the electorates to garner votes. Far beyond that!

– Yes, the 2019 elections have taken the ó to ge promoters and agents to the land of opportunity they obviously can’t manage, while some of them are opportunitists who did not even participate in the struggle. Be it as it may, Kwarans are now saying “NEVER AGAIN”!.

– The deceitful conducts and weak dispositions of GAA administration has reached its crescendo. Kwarans who voted this government in anticipation for a change in leadership have made the worse of choice, according to countless public opinions.


– Who is deceiving who in Kwara? The government is randomly taking the entire populace for fool. Much have been said about the running of local government; management of internally generated revenue; inflation of government contracts; privatizing public funds (by awarding contracts and deals to families, friends and stooges), by implication turning the state to an extension of a personal business.


– The echo of ‘vendetta’ fight against corruption and obvious persecutions against the past administration has created much slippery distractions over other deceitful tendencies overriding GAA administration.

– The weaknesses are now audible and visible even to those who don’t pay attention to business of governance. Who is weak? The head or the subordinates? Kwara residents who truly understand what governance is all about can proffer an answer to that. The fear of the unknown led to the appointments of those who will not take a step above “I am directed”. As such, whatever the output of the subordinate is, we’ll blame the head for the input. This cosmetic government has lost the trust and confidence of Kwarans who had thought the Messiahs have emerged.


– The rule says when you see something, say something! Today, anyone who sees abnormalities, administrative flaws or corruption tendencies within the corridor of power will either keep quiet or will be gagged using instrument of power/authority. Isn’t that a high level of shenanigan? No wonder the FOI bill remain a pregnant yet unbron.

– The last two years of GAA administration was wasted on chasing shadow. Every futile exercise is tantamount to shadow chasing, and looking for a way to nab Saraki at all cost will be taken as one. This is the visible achievement so far! Condemning Saraki and his unbeatable legacies. Defaming his political institution like it has not bring any fortune to Kwara. Any panel of enquiry set up by GAA to look into any matter involving Saraki is a predictable mission one can decipher the end from the beginning. Even a layman who do not understand what probe entails can read skulduggery on such subject matter. Why not channel the strength on progressive things that will better the lots of citizens.

Kwarans now know better and deserve better. Throwing Gold away in replacement for Bronze is a step they are eager to retrace in 2023.

Thank you, for failing on expectations and promises.

Thank you, for subjecting governance to ridicule.

Thank you, for distabilizing the platform that brought you to power.

Thank you, for affording the electorates the opportunity to compare between today and yesterday; and to prepare for tomorrow.

Alakisa njo l’oru, bope ile a mon lola.



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