Ramadan food fights by Gov. AA Supporters: A Post-Testament Political Corruption


By APC Integrity Group

When Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq assumed office, he was making pretence to progressive bent and flavor. He was conjuring populist traits in frugality, prudence and simplicity, all to impress the masses.

However, it was not too long to discover that these are false tendencies to play on public sentiments in order to consolidate his hold on power and galvanise a cults-like support for his administration, which has turned out to be building a fortress on quick sand.

His Excellency received thunderous ovation when he made an unprecedented public announcement that he would earn no salary as Governor of Kwara State. This pleasant surprise made Kwarans to become so excited to believe that Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq was the Messiah we have been waiting for.

Unlike his predecessors in office, GAA would not waste public fund to travel on chartered planes. He became a cynosure of all eyes when he hops into the economy class of any available commercial flights, with a kitbag stripped onto his back, dressing in a pair of jeans trousers and canvass shoes to cut a classless posture.

To crown it all, his body language was a terrific signal to every hangers-on or political parasites that the era of wastefulness or financial recklessness was gone. The lyrics by His Excellency was that, “I can’t share government money with anybody”, probably alluding to loyal members of his political party (APC).

Now, it is unfortunate that the proverbial Tigger has changed its spots! Discerning minds can decode the message as one aimed at diverting public attention from more serious issues of good governance and accountability so that the sky could gets dark slowly unnoticed!

Gracious God that the non gullible Kwara public has taken notice that all His Excellency’s rigmarole was to ward off members of his party to wear the full regalia of a “maximum” ruler,, the likes of France Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970).

This iconoclastic attitude and absence of institutional control could be used to pursue selfish agenda and to implement policies of political vendetta on imaginary enemies in the State.

Proverbial Àṣàrò Elépo Rẹ́dẹ́rẹ́dẹ́

The hypocrisy by GAA administration has become exposed by the news going viral on social media about the acknowledgment of alleged #15m as Ramadan largess to the Governor’s Support Group.

Perhaps to the embarrassment of His Excellency, they were also reported to have engaged in rọ̀fọ̀rọ́fọ̀ fight over the sharing formula of food palliatives courtesy of His Excellency.

It is shameful that some elders were reportedly hurling curses in esoteric Yoruba language (ọ́fọ̀) over the food.

The Integrity Group, therefore, feels that the breeze has blown and has exposed the anus of the hen about who the real political Almanjiris” are in APC!

Kwarans can now bear open testimony as to who actually needed and craving stomach rehabilitation among the factional groups in the governing party but certainly, not the Integrity Group led by Hon. Bashir Ọmọlaja Bolarinwa.

It would be recalled that, Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRasaq has been basking in the euphoria of ungratefulness by attempting to blackmail his political benefactors, painting them as insatiable elements in the mould of “kàlokàlo” – gaming machine. This is quite unfortunate.

However, as if to redeem the battered image, the Governor attempted to break the ranks by enticing the loyal APC members with money as Ramadan gift, which was rejected and returned to the sender.

What We Stand For

The Integrity Group hereby reiterate that it would not partake or condone any act of mismanagement of public fund in the name of political patronage. We are not, repeat, NOT interested in sharing taxpayers money with anybody and we would not be accessories to the facts of political corruption by any member of our party.

The task of good governance in Kwara State is so gargantuan that to take a kobo from the treasury for unbudgeted cause, would be criminal and whoever gets involved should be so treated.

Every kobo must count and be accounted in the general welfare and development of our beloved State. Therefore, we should be counted out of those partaking in the “chop and chop” politics of Àṣàrò Elépo Rẹ́dẹ́rẹ́dẹ́ in the Government House.

Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Bello
Director, Media & Publicity
Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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