APC Kwara are in disarray over the coming back of PDP, By: Yusuf Soliu. (Yousaseef Yousaseef)

The leadership of APC in Kwara do not know where to look while the followership do not know where to go. The leaders and the followers don’t even know who to blame for the failures in the party, the “Anigbas camp” are dragging Saraki, So does the AAnians talking about Saraki despite the fact that ABS is not holding any political office. It seems these people don’t know who their enemy is, they start with Saraki, and subconsciously, people are joining Saraki’s camp as days go by.

Let’s me start from the Obalowu Radio program; The Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation NBC says he violated their Rules. The singular question running through my head is Where was NBC when Kwara APC chieftains lied against Saraki and the last Administration? The Baba Rexs , Ẹṣinrogunjos, and Akoguns of this world condemned the past Administrations, Not only condemnations, they lied to the world that Saraki sponsored the Offa Bank Robbery and massacre, They said he was Deducting 2bn from the state Allocation. Were those not enough for the NBC to sanction them then?

APC lied to Kwarans that Saraki looted Kwara State funds, we were told he disregarded due process, he was alleged of conversion of State government assets into his personal assets and his party men when he served as two-term governor of Kwara State.

Alhamdulilah, he was discharged and acquitted of those charges by the Apex court.

Those men are evil and Enemies of our dear state and If we’re to be sincere with ourselves, those guys should be somewhere burying their faces in shame, they should be somewhere cussing themselves of an unfounded allegations they have levelled on an innocent ABS. But they won’t do that, they are shameless and immodest.

May God help us the truth to know!

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