Sen. Gbemisola Saraki facilitates world-class federal facility for NITT in Kwara


We are grateful to Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki for bringing this to our land- Lasoju community leaders.

Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki, the incumbent Minister of State Transportation has facilitated a new centre for the Nigeria Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) in Lasoju, Asa local government area of Kwara State.

On transportation, another critical sector to improving our economic competitiveness, the Buhari-led administration is growing the stock and quality of our road, rail, air, and water transport infrastructure through the Ministry of Transportation.

NITT was originally conceived as a Railway Training Institute and was expanded to serve as a Multi-modal Institute covering rail, road, water, air, and pipeline. It is the apex management development institute for transport and logistics in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region.

The facilitation of the NITT complex in Kwara State was orchestrated by the Ministry of Transportation. This is another trivial development towards making Kwara state a revamped centre of development.

Locals of Lasoju community, have expressed their noy and sight of happiness towards being granted the privileged of having the NITT complex erected on their land. Owing to the fact that it has been a very long time before such benefit was accorded to Asa LGA, they stressed on the fact of how the daily labour jobs of the centre have provided their natives with something to take back home to their family.

The NITT complex is currently undergoing building and is to be completed fully in some months time. This is positive result in the various strides and strives of Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki in contributing her quota towards the development of Kwara state and Nigeria as a whole.

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