GRS: The Masses’ Comforter, By Abdullah Abdulwasiu


It can only be the daughter of the late renowned generous man, Dr. Olusola Saraki, the masses’ helper, who will charge herself to bringing back the lives of the masses to existence through her life-changing generosity. Dr. Olusola Saraki– of the blessed memory, was known to be a man with the willing heart– the heart to replace people’s cry with smiles, he would not watch anyone cry except he did what he could to see them smile. Lives were revived through his financial support. Visit Ilorin, ask around and you would be told who Baba-Loke was to the people of Ilorin, Kwara State, and Nigeria at large. May Allah continue to shower His blessings upon the soul of the Waziri of Ilorin, Dr. Olusola Saraki.

As you would say, ‘Omo ti eya ba bi, eya ni o jo’. The baboon can only give birth to its kind. Honourable Minister Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki is, incontestably, a replica of his father, the late Olusola Saraki in all spheres. GRS is a woman of virtue with a treasurable heart. Her heart of gold is felt by many of the beneficiaries of her kind gestures. Right from time immemorial, the Minister of State for transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a masses’ helper, comforter, and transformer whose willingness zeal rests on giving succor to mostly the people below standard. As God so loves it, He created us differently, and differences would tell in our dealing with fellow humans– GRS is indifferent. She models herself as her late father in terms of munificence.

Honourable Minister Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki always puts the needed items on the needy’s table just to make them feel human. She is a woman who believes in our popular talk ‘givers never lack’ as divinely contained in the holy book. She doesn’t care if her last kobo is spent on the needy provided it lessens or eschews such a person out of distress. She gives out of generosity without caution.

Senator Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki is a selfless woman whose political cottage is solely for the service to humanity. If she had wanted to be a selfish leader, she would have preferred milking the political greatness of his father without her coming into the polity. Still, as a woman with the love of the helpless masses, she found her love for polity just to provide succor for the disabled citizens swimming in the pool of agony.

GRS’s service to humanity is immeasurable. She has been a strong pillar, mother, matron to many Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), providing them with things that will help their feet firm and evolve immensely. On several occasions, she has been of help to the privileges, doing her best to bring them out of their worst state to the better either by making them self dependent via her mind-blowing empowerment or financial support that would set their feet on trading that will from there fetch them something to cater for their basic needs. Also, the physically challenged are indiscriminately beneficiaries of her kind gestures. Through NGOs and other individualistic means, she has seen the cries of the most vulnerable ones both within and outside the state. She is a woman who dislikes seeing people wallow in the hardship of any form. She actively supports many non-governmental organisations both within and outside Kwara State, including the Jackson-Fife Foundation (works for children with disabilities in Nigeria) and Hope & Vision for Ilorin Emirate (H.A.V.E.) Foundation, which focuses on the Ilorin Emirate with prominence on women’s issues. She has been a supportive instrument to help, and she will always look for ways to do.

In furtherance, It is a known and unarguable fact that nothing pleases the soul of people more than showing them ways to fish instead of fishing for them. It is much appreciated and applauded if you can help citizens, particularly the youth with employment opportunities. Your names would fill their lips, and you will become the talk of every moment. GRS, without any form of bias, has been doing wonderfully amazing in that aspect. There are a handful of beneficiaries of employment facilitated by her. Long before her political journey, even when she was a staff at the Societe Generale Bank (Nigeria) as Head of Money Markets and then as Head of Domiciliary Accounts, from 1994 to 1999 and when she served as Executive Director of Ashmount Insurance Brokers, Lagos, different people (known and unknown)  both from Kwara and outside Kwara State enjoyed her and would not stop to applaud the employment opportunities brought their ways.

GRS, as a member of the house of representatives, marked the beginning of a tremendous transformation for her constituents. Her undebatable achievements are accessible, ask the unbiased ones around to get you fed. As a senator for the Central Senatorial District, her best was offered, and the jobs provided for all and sundry during her senatorial service can’t be overlooked.  Now, GRS as a minister has brought home many employment opportunities for Kwarans in different federal agencies; NITT, NIWA, NDLEA, and many others. Even though she is just managing an appointed position at the moment, she has been making good use of the position. Since both the elective and appointed positions are incomparable, while the former is answerable to the electorate, the latter is answerable to the person who appointed him/her.

GRS is a natural humanitarian/philanthropist,  life-comforter, and selfless leader with the primary aim of comforting the lives of all and sundry without discrimination.  She was there for people yesterday; she is today and tomorrow shall wear a beautiful look– perhaps we live.

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