The Road to No(where)?


By: Ishowo-Isiaka Adebayo*

1. One thousand Naira fuel now less than six litres and the newly customised railway is not at all an option for the poor. Should this continue to be regarded as the height of achievement in this dispensation?

2. Five thousand Naira now delivered to the doorsteps of same vulnerable Nigerians saddled with a monthly electricity bill of between ten and fifteen thousand Naira or more.

3. Herders/farmers clash persists and all we hear is a new world ruled by AK-47.

4. Is it all about leadership crisis or crisis of leadership stoking up blame, hatred and ethnic anger or a combination of both?

…And now the reality

The leadership seems not to have an answer even as the very foundations of our corporate existence are threatened. And the decade, not just the year, is fast disappearing and rolling away from us. With anxiety heightened; resolutions less visible, will men of conscience step forward please? This house must not fall…

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