SUBEB APPLICANT: writes open letter to Kwara Governor


Your Excellency Sir,

I’m ADEBAYO, Mojisola Aminat an applicant for the SUBEB RECRUITMENT with the registration number SUBEB/21/02020.

I’m a graduate of the Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, kwara State, where I studied Political Science/Social Studies.

With regards to this, I will like to show my displeasure on those in charged of the process and the procedure itself. I applied for Civic Education as it was advertised by the Government which I met up with all the requirements requested of me to be qualified for the examination.

But to my surprise I was not scheduled for the examination.

I further engaged the Chief Press Secretary on this, but the excuses given is that my course of studies which is political science/Social Studies is not qualified for the application.

Your Excellency Sir, the question pushed forward to the CPS was “who is qualified to take the Civic Education?. It is a question that needs genuine clarification since we all well know that Civic Education as a basic subject requires the knowledge and practical understanding of political science/Social Studies Education the most.

The basis of my disqualification is that my course of studies is political science said by the Chief Press Secretary but to my utmost dismay I found three of my course mate who went through the same course of studies with me throughout my stay in school and graduated together with me shortlisted for the same subject i applied for and was disqualified unjustly.

My Prayer Sir

I will be glad if my issue can be revisited and I can be shortlisted because the excuse of my disqualification is not a stand that should hold water Sir.

We believe in your leadership and that is the basis upon which I am making this request directly to your person Sir.

Thank you as i look forward to your consideration in looking into my case.

ADEBAYO, Mojirade Aminat

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