Saraki still wields enormous influence in Kwara politics – Rafiu Ibrahim


Saraki and his loyalists had during the 2019 general elections suffered an all-round defeat.


The Senator who represented Kwara South in the 8th Assembly and Peoples Democratic Party chieftain in Kwara State, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, has hinted that the former Nigerian Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki still wields enormous influence in the state politics.

Rafiu told THE NATION NEWSPAPER in a report published on February 15, 2021 that Saraki’s qualities as a good listener, philanthropist and deep connection stand him out in good stead ahead of subsequent elections.

Saraki and his loyalists had during the 2019 general elections suffered an all-round defeat.

However, speaking on this, Rafiu who is also Saraki’s key loyalist said, “It was out collective decision not to challenge the conduct and outcome of the 2019 general elections in Kwara State despite various and conspicuous irregularities, including the unlawful arrest of my person, two days to the election. The undeniable truth is that the elections were flawed by many electoral malpractices, manipulations and militarization. The point is, if we had decided to challenge the whole election results, from senatorial downwards, I have no doubt we would reclaimed our mandate. But, we decided not to toe that path, and I am very pleased and happy with that resolution.

“Dr. Saraki is a man that Allah always uses to create and sustain the systems for the teeming masses of Kwarans and other residents. He dwells on the development of people across all spectrums. He has a huge knack for philanthropy, a trait which he obviously picked from his father, Oloye. This is what makes him thick, legendary and, of course, the major cause of the void in Kwara today.

“No one dares to compete with his philanthropism and politics because of his wide exposure in the management of human resources that he had exhibited while serving as governor of Kwara State, as Senate president and other areas of endeavours that he has served.”

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