By Olaegbe Tijani

In spite of all accolades, approvals, tirades, diatribe, rants and polemics we are inundated with by Ramoni’s media outfits, not excluding CPS Rauf Ajakaye, on the Governor’s performance and governance in the State, in all reality and without prejudice, sentiment, emotion, fixation and irrationality or ill feelings against AA’S administration, is all what these paid agents are dishing out really worth it? Are there sincerity and patriotism in their intentions and what they stand for?

Today, if AA laughs, the whole world will know the type of laughter and why. So, constantly and persistently for that matter we are being updated with ongoing on what Ramoni is and as a Governor. Is much of what is called information about Ramoni not actually misinformation? Is misinformation not winning out over knowledge? All these and many more will be exhumed for my audience to judge.

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine in UK tasked me, to explain the type of system of government the ALMIGHTY Governor of my State is operating. Is it autocracy, monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, communism, capitalism, pluralism, anarchy, vandalism or what?

Almost immediately the question was posed, I became blank and speechless because I was not all that conscious of my political space to that extent. It was an embarrassing question to ask in the 21st century, given the age of democracy.

However, after regaining my consciousness, though still in a confused state of mind, I managed to tutor him on the system of administration Ramoni settled for.

That what is close to the type of government Ramoni is running is autocracy. It is a form of government in which unlimited power is held by a single individual. How come?

Here is a Governor that collapsed Local Government Councils, sacked major component of Executive arm of government ie commissioners, SAs, left the position of Chief of Staff unoccupied, dissolved some Commissions and boards; that does not exclude statutory commissions, took labour to court, put padlock on the lips of legislators only to be unlocked as at when necessary, the constitution and oath of office he swore to uphold being abused and brazenly violated, set ablaze the platform (the party) that legitimatised his rise to number one citizen in the State and appropriated power to himself and to himself alone. What else would one call such impunity and audacity aside autocracy? In Yoruba, it is referred to as, ” ijoba a da nikan se”.

Indeed, when you have a government of impunity, politics of exclusivity, it is nothing but; “Government of myself, by myself and for myself.”

As a matter of fact, power that is not guided by justice is mere thuggery. Can you now see why the house has fallen? You know now the reason why the State is in crisis. Anarchy and house of commotion are the vivid description of Kwara of today no more State of harmony. Are we getting it right?

This is the lot of Kwarans as of today. Ramoni has murdered democracy and unless there is miracle, I am not sure whether he is sleeping or not.

Going forward, Lord Acton wrote that; Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Indeed, the best form of government embraces a balance of powers.

My brother, is Ramoni providing good governance that is the hallmark of modern society? It is stressed by experts that even the most noble kings will become tyrants if their reign is unchecked, just as democracy will degrade into mob rule if there are no constraints on popular power.

Ramoni received popular overwhelming votes to emerge as democratically elected Governor of Kwara State. After he was empowered, who is he today?

We are warned to beware of a leader who sets aside constitutional rules claiming the need for expediency or security.

Is this what Kwarans bargained for? Those who voted for Ramoni, can you see what you foisted on us?

Now our commonwealth is now being used to prosecute a war of attrition and to appropriate the left over.

Where is such massive development as being touted by these unpatriotic and enemies of masses. I mean the paid pen pushers who are all out to increase our pains and injuries all in the bide to satisfy their paymaster.

Oh! Cry for Kwara State. The once peaceful and flourishing State with good hope for the future is now in a big mess. The State is beckoning on the redeemer. The catalyst. Our own Joe Biden who will rescue the sinking boat of innocent citizens.

Indeed Kwara is on the waiting list…!!!

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