We remain steadfast, focused and committed to the APC – GRS MOVEMENT

•••debunks LAI and GRS part way rumour


Our attention has been brought to yet another fake news going round about Our Principal, Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki and the GRS Movement. We are so used to “them” spreading lies and always attempting to discredit us. Though it is not our style, to dignify any of their diatribe with a response every time, however this time around, we have decided to respond to assure the many well wishers who have brought this to our attention.

LIES .. LIES…and more LIES…. Sadly, as the event of the past few days has shown, rather than unite and strengthen the APC in Kwara State, the opposite has been the case. We remain steadfast, focused and committed to the All Progressives Congress. Nothing and no one, including latecomers to our party can distract us. They can continue to spread their lies, and we will continue to say and show exactly who we are and where we stand by our words and actions.

We are real, living, breathing politicians and not sensational, fake, online, WhatsApp “wannabes” who feel that politics is about slinging mud. We wish to educate them for free; politics is about people, has always been and will forever be.

Once again, we call on all Kwarans, to come out, register as APC members, and for those who are existing members, please revalidate your membership of our great party.

ADISA Ridwan Ajadi
Press Secretary,
GRS Movement

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