I never said we’ve concluded minimum wage negotiation – Ajakaye

The Chief Press Secretary to the Kwara State Governor, Mr. Rafiu Ajakaye, on Friday, pointed out that he never said the state government had concluded negotiation with the labour union on minimum wage.

He claimed that he was quoted out of context.

The state chairman of NLC in Kwara, Aliyu Issa Ore had in a press statement issued earlier today (Friday) pointed out that the state government is playing hide-and-seek game on the issue of workers’ new minimum wage.

The labour union also condemned a statement credited to the Governor’s spokesperson, Rafiu Ajakaye, who — while calling into a Sobi FM programme tagged ‘Perspective’ — said the “…issue of minimum wage is already clear and unambiguous element in 2021 budget signed into law”.

The state chairman of NLC, Aliyu Issa Ore, in a statement issued on Friday, said the union would not have bothered responding to the governor’s Spokesperson but for his attempt to distort fact and cause disaffection among the workers.

However, responding to this, the governor’s spokesperson said it was unfortunate that the labour union would hold on to social media narrations.

He recalled that the statement made during the radio program was only to reaffirm the state government’s commitment to paying the new wages.

He said, “Well, I’m sincerely worried about the idea of the labour union being a formal body, issuing a statement based on a social media account of what I said in a radio programme. The labour union, with due respect, is a formal body and I expected that if they are going to react to any government position, it should be based on what the government actually said not what somebody else claimed that the government had said.

“I was on radio station, quite alright, a few days ago to explain a number of issue to members of the public and one of the issues that came up was the issue of the minimum wage and I said, first, the minimum wage is a law and there is no running away from it, every worker deserves a minimum wage, and we are going to pay it. I made that clear. And I said the minimum wage again has been covered in the 2021 budget and then a question came about the specific time and I said I am unable to go into the specific because at the moment, the labour and the government have not agreed in the consequential agreement that goes to those workers at the upper cadres.

“That was what I said. I never went into the specific of weather it has been concluded or not. What I said clearly was that it is an ongoing thing and that government is committed to making sure that the workers get their fair share.”

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